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25 August 2011

Lies I've Told My Students

Do You Know What Variety These Big Yellow Tomatoes Are?
You cannot grow large, beefsteak-style tomatoes close to the ocean - the cool off-shore flow and lack of heat will not allow the fruit to set.  So, if you try to grow beefsteak tomatoes near the ocean (Sunset Zone 24) you are wasting your time! This is what I read, this is what my experience has proven over and over again. And this is what I have taught my students for about 7 years.


These tomatoes were picked yesterday from The Learning Garden in a year that was not one of our warmest!  Beautiful and delicious tomatoes.  These were grown by the Venice High School students in their gardens without tags.  If I had known those vines were supposed to produce this size of tomatoes, I would have yanked the vines back in June.  But I didn't know and look at this.  Now, if I only knew what variety they were, I'd be saving seeds from them.


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Julie said...

I think this is the same one that grows in my garden (coastal British Columbia) I've decided it is probably an Old German tomato of some variety but I decided to call it Orange Bee. I used to call it an orange bicolour, because it is mostly orange with some red but Orange Bee sounds better. The most wonderful thing about it other than flavour is that when you slice it it has the most wonderful radiating pattern of orange and red in each slice.

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