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12 September 2011

A New Seed Saving Seminar With David King!

It's about time.  Last January we had a seed saving seminar with SLOLA Chair and Founder, David King that was thoroughly enjoyed by every one.  We have finally pinned the dates down and are very pleased to announce our next offering: 

Essentials of Seed Saving

Generations before us understood the importance of saving seeds. It was an essential part of the lives of all our ancestors. This vital connection was lost as we began to purchase our seeds from seed sellers. In recent times, the specter of GMOs and monster corporations controlling the seeds they created and the very real prospect of seed corporations having control over our food supply.

October 20, 27 and November 3, 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM, at
The Learning Garden,
SE corner of Walgrove Avenue and Venice Blvd.
310.722.3656 or

Saving our own vegetable biodiversity today provides us
  • those old open pollinated varieties that taste good.
  • a wider range of vegetable varieties and more control over what we can have.
  • a closer participation in the cycle of life. In our gardens.
  • a hedge against personal financial misfortune.
  • a safeguard against food shortages.
  • our own way to mitigate against climate change and it's impact on agriculture.
  • the means to fight our shrinking biodiversity.
Upon completing this short course, participants will know why we urgently need to learn how to save seeds, the basics of saving most vegetable seeds, optimum conditions for seed preservation, how to preserve the genetic lines of different types of seed and short-cuts and tips from someone steeped in the seed saving ethic.  

David King began his time in the garden at his Grandfather's knee back in northeast Kansas.  He has been an avid gardener for most of his life and has taught gardening and horticulture at UCLA Extension and UC Cooperative Extension.  He has been with The Learning Garden at Venice High School for over ten years and is the Chair of the Seed Library of Los Angeles. He has written the LA Garden Blog for over three years as well as several columns for periodical publication.  A course of information, delivered with passion and humor is guaranteed.

We have limited seating, reserve your space now!

SLOLA members get a $10 discount - email David for enrollment procedures. 

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