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12 December 2011

Fyll 'er Up! Without Filling Up More Landfills!

Jenn and Carla have an idea that looks to the future...  They've named their enterprise Refyll and you can find them at the Mar Vista Farmers' Market, Sunday mornings on Grandview Avenue at Venice Boulevard.

Jenn and Carla with an unidentified co-
A customer can bring a bottle from home and buy cleaning supplies for body or home.  All natural ingredients and once you're out, bring your bottle back and get a refill, um, refyll.  It's a look at the future of commerce in many aspects - more and more, containers, from cloth bags to glass jars will need to be useful more than once!  If you are fresh out of containers, they'll sell you one, but to really take advantage of the idea, bring your own (recycled) container to get filled.

Check out their website - soon I'll have a report on the goods I bought, dish soap, shampoo and laundry soap.  Right now I've only used the shampoo and I like how it doesn't strip all the oil out of my scalp!  As a beekeeper, I love that I was able to ask for unscented - it really can be a pain (a real pain!) to be working with bees when your hair smells like freesias or sweet peas.  

Go see them on Sunday!  Tell 'em the gardenmaster sent you.


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