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Monthly Classes: What To Do And When To Do It

What To Do And When To Do It

The question most gardeners ask as they venture into gardening. Here's the answer every month! The first Saturday of every month at The Learning Garden, Gardenmaster David King, tells you what to do this month (right now) in your garden to have a fabulous garden all year round and answers all your questions about garden tasks and garden problems.

It's a master class in gardening!

And not just for beginners. If you've been gardening for a while and want to up 'your game,' David has hints and tricks for making gardening easier on you and more productive!

Working in his 'post-modern' organic, David will have you growing food without any pesticides and using as few inputs as possible. With almost 30 years of experience growing food in Southern California, David has 'written the book' on gardening here and you can tap his gardening experience for your own garden.   

One Class or a Series

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